About me

Born when the first Apple Macintosh went on sale, Prince released his classic “Purple Rain” and the “Miami Vice” linen suits, dark Ray-Ban sunglasses, blow-dried hair and sleeveless shirts made their premiere. My roots are in Flanders, but the big wide world is my home. What I like? Discovering the unknown, meeting other people and cultures and making my world larger – together with my husband and two daughters.


Professionally I explored the beaten track and experimented with various communication genres over the years. Trained as a journalist, won my first spurs in one of the big four accounting firms, made a U-turn and became an internal communication specialist in the energy sector, to further develop myself as an all-round communication executive in a big public hospital …what’s in a name. But I sure know how to quickly translate a customer request into an interesting and creative text or design – thanks to my fresh look, hands-on mentality and expertise.


With To the letter. I pull the strings now. A dream come true. I cannot wait to put my many years of experience and know-how at the service of inspiring and passionate people like you. In complete freedom. With heart and soul.